Final Destination: Publishing Your Game On the Web

Antonio Delgado
2 min readMay 28, 2021

You’ve finally reached the end of the line, it’s time to rake in your critical acclaim and riches but first you’ve got to publish your game. Publishing a game takes many different routes, you can go through a physical publisher, digital content platform, or more and more commonly uploading it directly to the web. Since this is just an example we’ll be taking the simplest and most direct route, publishing in WebGL to upload to the web. There’s a variety of services that allow easy self-publishing such as (here) or (here) and you should research what their specific criteria and procedures are. For this example we’ll be using which is probably one of the one of the simpler self-publishing platforms on the web for Unity games.

If you haven’t already, head back to the article on building and testing (here) and build your project out to WebGL. If you have you can go ahead and skip ahead. Head to and click on upload button in the top right to sign in or sign up if you haven’t already.

Next there should be a big upload symbol right smack dab in the middle of the screen. There’s a helpful video underneath it on uploading to but basically you drag the entire folder of your build into the window and it should upload with no issues as you can see below. If it does then just refer to’s FAQ or contact their support for more help.

Once your game is live, be sure to test it and there you have it. You’re a published game developer now! One of the nice features of is that you can set up a tip jar linked to a Paypal account so that people can donate if they like your game. Be sure to set that up as it never hurts. Until next, happy coding.